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BC App Store sells two kinds of apps: admin and download. Admin apps are licensed per site and will automatically install in the selected site's admin once purchased. Download apps are delivered to you in a zip file immediately after purchase.

Dynamic Slider Builder
An easy to setup and use website slider by CBO
Visual Content Finder
Everything you need is an edit button away by Solid Sky Tech
Insites - Xero Integration - Orders and Contacts
Send BC Orders and Contacts to Xero by CBO
Solid Content Overview
View All Website Content At Once w/ Ability to Export to CSV by Solid Sky Tech
Solid Gift Vouchers
Gift Voucher Summary View by Solid Sky Tech
Social Media Feed
Social Media Website Feed by CBO
Landing Page Builder
Create an unlimited number of Landing Pages directly within BC. by Thrise
Solid Page Printer
Print Web Pages Exactly as they Appear on the Web by Solid Sky Tech
Bootstrap 4 Builder
An Easy-to-Use Interface For Bootstrap 4 Sites by Thrise
Solid Meta Tags Unlimited
Solid Meta Tags Pro for an unlimited number of websites by Solid Sky Tech
Solid Meta Tags Pro
Meta Tags for Pages, Blog Posts, Web Apps and Ecommerce by Solid Sky Tech
Solid Meta Tags Free
Improve your SEO by optimizing your page meta tags by Solid Sky Tech
Google Analytics Manager+
Cross Domain and Ecommerce Transaction Tracking by Thrise
Foundation Builder
Gives Foundation 6 Sites An Easy-to-Use Interface by Thrise
Site Information
Missing BC Feature: Add Site Information Directly in the Admin by Thrise
BC Google Calendar
Import Google Calendar into Beautiful Calendar Layouts by JWAM
Webapp Utilities
Useful Tools to Expand Webapp Functionality by Pretty
Include Manager
Add, Manage and Personalize Includes Using Conditional Statements by Thrise
Product View XT
A New Version of the Product Quick View App by Pretty
Quickly transfer web apps between sites, partner app by Thrise
Categories V2
A Replacement for the Categories Interface by Pretty
Cart Assistant
Cart Assistant a Better Way to Drive Sales by EFX PRO MEDIA
Coming Soon
Build Your Site While Visitors See the "Coming Soon" Page by Peter Knezek
Snow Effect
Easy Snow Effect for the Holiday Season by Peter Knezek
Solid Wholesaler Updater
Add or remove customers as wholesalers in bulk. by Solid Sky Tech
Email Marketing Template Pack
BC Optimised Email Marketing Template Pack by CBO
Page Proofer
Easily Install Page Proofer and Integrate w/ Business Catalyst by Solid Sky Tech