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ONE Creative is one of Business Catalyst's top development partners. We're passionate about Business Catalyst, and devote a lot of time to developing tools and solutions intended to benefit the BC community as a whole.

One is championing a movement to establish high development standards in the community through best practices, better tools, and higher skills.

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What is Dev-in-a-Box?

Dev-in-a-Box is a jQuery plugin designed for Business Catalyst partners who want to build better websites, faster. It allows you to add the most common JavaScript-based features to your BC sites using simple HTML5 data attributes. No JavaScript knowledge required!

Why use Dev-in-a-Box?

Whether you are skilled in Javascript or not, you can realize many benefits from using Dev-in-a-Box:

  1. Save Time otherwise spent adding, troubleshooting, and updating multiple JavaScript solutions across your sites. Dev-in-a-Box is quick and easy.
  2. Clear the Clutter from your site by decreasing the number of scripts and site bloat caused by unnecessary HTML and inline functions. Dev-in-a-Box is a single plugin with multiple tricks. Implementing them is as simple as a data attribute.
  3. Increase Site Performance. Having many scripts, written by different developers, on your site, naturally slows down page loads and increases the chance of conflict. Dev-in-a-Box combines multiple tricks into a single cohesive plugin, engineered to deliver rock solid performance.
  4. Enhance Native BC Functionality. Business Catalyst is good. Dev-in-a-Box makes it better.
  5. Create Consistency across all your site builds. Updating Dev-in-a-Box is as easy as uploading the newer version.
  6. Simplify Maintenance. Dev-in-a-Box data attributes make it easy to see which parts of your site are being affected by JavaScript, so you can change your HTML with confidence.
  7. Gain Peace of Mind. No more maintaining your own library, or searching through multiple sites to find the most recent version of a script. Dev-in-a-Box is maintained, enhanced, and always available to redownload. And _updates are always free_.

What can Dev-in-a-Box do?

In Dev-in-a-Box, there are a number of components, called ‘tricks’:


ActiveNav makes it easy to create truly dynamic navigation throughout your site. It can be used to produce something as simple as a highlighted menu item when it represents the current page, to side navigation that only shows links related to the current section of your website.


Crumbs is a full replacement for the breadcrumbs modules in Business Catalyst. BC’s breadcrumbs modules are inconsistent, require specific placement, and depend on you manually defining them with the sitemap module. Crumbs, on the other hand, is always accurate, can be placed anywhere on your site, and intelligently name your breadcrumbs based on your actual page names. You'll never look back.


Date is a powerful way to display custom-formatted date and time information anywhere on your site. It harnesses the functionality of moment.js, while maintaining the simplicity of Dev-in-a-Box.


FormMagic takes all the headache out of working with forms in BC. Feel free to get rid of the clutter BC automatically adds to your forms. You can delete the JavaScript and strip your forms down to their skivvies, and rest assured they will work even better than they did before. Enhanced validation and easy Ajax are the hallmarks of this amazing trick.


For those times when you need to copy one field's value to another, SameAs has your back. It even allows you to setup copy groups, like billing and shipping fields, or do math with the field values. It’s easy syntax simply could not be faster to implement.


Trigger gives you the ability to use one element to 'trigger' a behavior on another. For instance, you may want to add or remove a class when a button is clicked.


Make BC's security features work for your site, not against it. Secure can guide users back to your primary domain after performing a transaction on the worldsecuresystems secure domain. Or it can run a custom script, or even redirect a user out of a secure area, when the system automatically logs them out.

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23 Oct 2014 - Version 14.10.23

New features in Date and SameAs, and bug fixes throughout. Please check the changelog in the download for more information.

Please note: With this release, we broke backwards compatibility with the 'ref' option and with specifying no options at all. If you want to reference the current date and time, you now have to set the 'ref' option to 'now'.

01 Aug 2014 - Version 2.3.0

Many new features and bug fixes

  • Dev-in-a-Box Engine: Version 2.1.2

    *   Changed bc.path to lowercase to help avoid bugs in tricks like ActiveNav
    • Added bc.secureurl
  • ActiveNav: Version 2.2.2

    *   Fixed bug where ActiveNav would not add active classes to links with absolute URLs
    • removeClass now leaves the class on the nav if there is no active link found.
  • Date: Version 2.2.0

    *   Largely rewritten.
    • Text inside the html element is now used as the date and time information to work with. If nothing is inside the element, the current date and time information is used.
    • Added 'moment' option, which allows you to specify the format of incoming date and time information. Default is DD-MMM-YYYY.
    • Removed onlyVal.
    • Added 'ref' option, which allows you to specify the html attribute from which to reference the date/time information. Default is 'text', except with inputs which default to 'value'.
    • Added 'target' option, which allows you to specify a comma separated list of html attributes to be used as the target for the outputted date/time info. Default is 'text', except with inputs which default to 'value'.
  • FormMagic: Version 2.1.4

    *   Replaced each() in the code with for(), which is several times faster
    • Added buttonOnSubmit and buttonAfterSubmit options to allow disabling submit button during and after a form submission.
    • Fixed issue where the error class was not applied to radio and checkbox inputs when they failed validation.
    • Fixed issue where an Ajax response would return nothing if the response message element was a direct child of the body element.
    • Fixed issue where pressing the enter key on a multistep form would validate all steps
    • Added restoreMessageBox option, which will show the original contents of the box if the form response is empty. Default is true. Great for live searches.
    • Fixed issues that made building live search boxes difficult.
    • Added validationError option to allow a custom script to be run when a validation error occurs on submit.
  • SameAs: Version 2.2.0

    *   Made SameAs trigger the change event so other scripts can respond to its changes.
    • Added scope option, which allows you to declare the parent element SameAs looks inside of for fields to copy between.
    • Changed the default for bothWays from true to false
    • Added copyType option, which can be set to simple, concat, or math.

          *   simple: works exactly the same as it always has, for backwards compatibility
      • concat: Allows joining multiple fields and text together as a new string
      • math: Evaluates mathematical expressions if possible. For example, field1+(field2*field3), otherwise reverts to concat functionality.
  • Secure: New Trick as version 1.0.0

    *   Replaces UnSecure
    • Option: unsecureLinks. Does what UnSecure did. Default is true.
    • Option: onSessionEnd. Allows you to specify a custom function to run a login session ends automatically.
    • Option: sessionEndRedirect. Allows you to specifiy a redirect when a login session ends automatically.
  • Trigger: Version 1.0.1

    *   Added support for checkbox list and radio buttons list
    • Fixed bugs that made Trigger worthless. It now works great.
    • Added support for multiple 'triggerValue' values.
  • UnSecure: Deprecated as version 2.0.2

    *   Replaced with the new trick, Secure, which is much more powerful.
    • UnSecure is still included in Dev-in-a-Box for backwards compatibility, but will be removed at some point in the future.
13 May 2014 - Version 2.2.0


Fixed bug

  • FormMagic: Version 2.1.3
    • Changed submitFieldName option to submitField, and allowed any CSS selector to be used as the value
29 Mar 2014 - Version 2.0.0

Over 30 new features, including a new trick!

  • New trick: Trigger. Trigger gives you the ability to use one element to 'trigger' a behavior on another. For instance, you may want to add or remove a class when a button is clicked.
  • ActiveNav: Version 2.2.0
    • Added support for url hashes
    • ActiveNav now responds to url changes, even if there is no page refresh
    • Added option to change url when referenced anchor tags reach a specified distance from the top of the window
    • Fixed bug where the levelClass would not be added to the navigation in situations where no active element was found.
  • Crumbs: Version 2.1.0
    • Added showHome option, allowing the link to the home page to appear first. Default is false.
    • Added homeTitle option, allowing for a custom crumb name to be applied to the home link. Default is null, which relies on the regular Ajax method for retrieving the name.
  • Date: Version 2.1.0
    • Added add and subtract options, allowing relative date adjustments. Great for setting expiry dates.
  • FormMagic: Version 2.1.1
    • Added an active submit feature. Submits the form after a specified field event. Options are 'keyup', 'blur', 'change', and 'dblclick'.
    • Added beforeSubmit feature. Allows for a specified script to be run after successful validation, but before submission. If the script returns 'stop', FormMagic will skip form submission afterwards.
    • Added ajax callback functionality for success, error and complete.
    • Added noSubmit option. Allows for disabling form submission, while allowing all other functionality. Default is false.
    • Added reCaptcha validation
    • Added multistep option. Allowing forms to be validated in stages.
    • Fixed PasswordConfirm validation
  • SameAs: Version 2.1.0
    • Added breakOnChange, which allows a user change in the target element to disable SameAs. Essentially turns the copied value into a mere suggestion.
  • UnSecure: Version 2.0.2
    • Fixed a bug where links with mailto: were being altered
    • Excluded LogOutProcess.aspx from affected links

12/04/2013 - ActiveNav 2.1.0

ActiveNav just got a whole lot cooler!

  • New option: removeHidden. removeHidden removes the parent elements of level and the children of lastLevel from the DOM. Default is true. This is good for SEO (no hidden content).
  • New options: lastLevel and lastLevelClass. Adds lastLevelClass to the specified level of the navigation. Default is 0 (off).
  • New options: levelTitle and levelTitleClass. Determines whether or not the parent element of level will remain, adding context to the menu items below it.
  • New options: unlinkTitle and unlinkTitleClass. Setting this option to true will replace the levelTitle's link element with a span.
  • Removed option: Removed activeElement. ActiveNav is designed to work with unordered lists.

12/02/2013 - Version 2.0.1

Bug fixes for Crumbs, FormMagic, and SameAs. Captcha now works with FormMagic.

  • Crumbs: Fixed a bug where if a person specified "ajax:true;" (the default value) in the options, it would end up false.
  • Crumbs: Removed doc reference to turn ajax off through the options. It's hard to benefit form Crumbs without ajax.
  • FormMagic: Fixed a number of validation bugs introduced in 2.0.0.
  • FormMagic: Added labelFallback object to provide label names if there is no label element or placeholder attribute to provide it.
  • FormMagic: Changed hideAfterAjax to afterAjax and added options to it, defaulting to 'remove'. This default prevents multiple spam form submissions.
  • FormMagic: Validation now works with native Captcha, but not reCaptcha (yet).
  • SameAs: Namespaced the 'change' events and added a trigger('change') to make the events compatible with other plugins.

11/25/2013 - Version 2.0.0

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