Discount on Code Production Templates

Buy any admin app and receive a discount code for the value of the app towards the purchase of a new Code Production Template.

Forget about development

With Custom Templates you can finally concentrate on finding new clients and closing deals while delivering high-quality sites faster than ever before!

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Terms and Conditions of the Code Production Discount Code

  1. Each individual admin app purchased on the app store will receive a discount code
  2. Discount code is an absolute value equal to the value of the app up to $60 USD
  3. Discount codes can only be redeemed once, even if entire value is not used
  4. Discount codes are not stored. Neither the BC App Store nor Code Production is responsible for locating lost discount codes or issuing new discount codes
  5. The validity of the code is 1 month from the date of the app purchase. Codes not used until the expiry date will no longer be valid
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