Apps Wishlist

Let developers know what apps you would like to see in the store

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App Store Feature Wishlist

Let us know the new features you would like to see on the BC App Store

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BC API Wishlist

What updates are needed to the Business Catalyst APIs in order for you to create your desired app?

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Wishlist Guidelines

No Guarantee of Completion

Neither the BC App Store nor Adobe Business Catalyst guarantee that items on the wishlist will be completed.

Many Factors

The BC app Store values your input and will use the data collected from the community to better prioritize what is worked on, however there are also other factors that influence the features that get worked on and the order in which they are released.

Not a Support Channel

The wishlists are not to be used to raise support issues with the BC App Store or Adobe Business Catalyst. Bugs and support tickets relating to the BC App Store should be sent to our support team